About Us

The Miss University of Florida pageant was founded in 1956. It is an official local pageant of the Miss America Organization. The winner of the Miss UF pageant advances to the Miss Florida pageant. The 2011 Miss UF is Kelly Hawkins, she will compete in the Miss Florida pageant with over forty other women in the first week of July.

The Miss University of Florida pageant is committed to the ideals of the Miss American Organization and the Miss Florida Organization. The Miss America Organization is a not-for profit organization that provides women with the opportunity to promote their platform, express their opinions and achieve their goals. Our local pageant strives to do the same through scholarships and community appearances.

Miss UF is a vital part of the the University of Florida and Gainesville communities. Our pageant is sponsored by Florida Blue Key, a prestigious honor society. The event is student-run and relies mainly on local businesses for donations. Every Miss UF winner acts as a spokesperson for the school and their year as a titleholder is challenging but fun-filled.

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